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Berger Argenti Mooch Shnorr

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Reviewed by: Matt Sackmann & Larry Watkins

Cigar: Berger Argenti Mooch Shnorr

Wrapper: Sun Grown Ecuadorian Connecticut

Binder: Jalapa, Nicaragua

Filler:  Esteli, Nicaraguan

Size: 5″ X 50

Construction/Appearance (10 points):

Matt » The presentation of the cigar is fun; having what looks like newspaper with an article about the embargo protecting the foot and about a third of the length of the cigar cialis vente suisse. With the “newspaper” removed, you see the true beauty of its sun grown tan wrapper.  The cap is well constructed, but a little rough looking. Veins are visible, but not enough to hurt the overall look. To the touch, the Mooch is solidly and consistently constructed the length of the cigar.  The pre-light aroma is that of light tobacco, milk chocolate, butter and just hint of grass and earth. Time to smoke.  – Points: 9 of 10

Larry » The wrapper is a nice light brown with a slight oil sheen, a few veins showing and a bit of toothiness. – Points: 8 of 10

Draw, Ash Quality, Burn Quality (20 points):

Matt » Draw: Perfect…not too easy, not difficult at all.  / Ash Quality:  A solid, tightly packed ash reminiscent of an H. Upmann. It held on until the half way point before falling off.  / Burn Quality:  Perfect…razor straight.  – Points:  20 of 20

Larry » Draw: Nearly effortless draw, with a surprising amount of smoke from the draw and the foot. / Ash Quality: Nice light grey ash – almost white.  It hung on for over an inch before falling off. / Burn Quality:  A slightly uneven burn at first, but straightened out on its own. – Points: 18 of 20

Smoking Characteristics (30 points):

Matt » Start: The initial puffs produced a healthy amount of smoke coated my entire pallet with spice, wood and a hint of cream in the background.  For such a mellow looking cigar, the flavors were much more pronounced.  The sun grown wrapper and Nicaraguan filler and binder all worked well in combination, giving the cigar much more depth of flavor and complexity.  This is definitely a medium to over medium body cigar.  / Middle: The spice, wood and the hint of cream remained the same.  I did get some earthy tones here and there, but other than that it remained the same.  What impressed me is the amount of smoke this cigar produced.  It envelops the entire mouth engaging the entire pallet evenly, so you really taste everything the cigar has to offer. The smoke had a nice oil to it, not leaving your mouth dry.  / Finish: More of the same as above.  The only difference is the strength.  The closer it burned towards the label, the stronger it became.  Towards the end there was some harshness, but that is about the only negative I can come with.  – Points:  28 of 30

Larry » Start:  It started with a very mild taste, nothing complex, but pleasant.  / Middle: A little bitterness came through in the middle for me, but it was short lived.  The bitterness went away about the time the burn straightened out. / Finish: The cigar finished much the way it started; mild but pleasant. – Points: 23 of 30

Overall Impression (40 points):

Matt » The Mooch Shnorr is quite an impressive cigar, especially for the money.  If you like a medium body cigar and some spice, this is really a no brainer to add to your collection. I think many aficionados that enjoy fuller bodied cigars will also enjoy this.  I am not a fan of habano type spice because it tends to be searing, but the spice the Mooch offered worked because of the other flavors giving it complexity. The burn and draw were impeccable.  I never had a problem.  The only negative as mentioned above was some harshness near the end, but other than that I can’t really find anything that hurts this cigar. Well done.  – Points:  37 of 40

Larry » My overall impression was pretty good. This is a good looking cigar, and pretty well made.  The mild flavor overall was pleasant, with only a little bitterness in the middle.  The cigar burned well for the most part.  I only knocked the ash off three times.  Overall this is a good affordable smoke. It was a quick smoke, only taking a half an hour to smoke. – Points: 35 of 40

Matt’s Total Points:  94 out of 100

Larry’s Total Points: 84 out of 100

Average Score: 89 out of 100

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