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Partagas 1845 Robusto

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Reviewed by: Matt Sackmann & Larry Watkins

Cigar: Partagas 1845 Robusto

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano

Binder: Connecticut Habano

Filler:  Dominican and Nicaraguan Ligero and Seco

Size: 5-1/2″ X 49

Construction/Appearance (10 points):

Matt » Out of the cellophane, the cigar has a bit of a rustic look to it.  The wrapper was chocolate brown, slightly splotchy in color with some veins showing.  The cap was a little rough, but does the job.  It is solidly constructed, consistently firm the full length of the cigar.  Perhaps the best looking part of the cigar is the label.  The black contrasted by gold with the large eagle is a fresh and sharp update to the traditional Partagas label. The pre-light aroma invites you to light up; offering tobacco notes, sweetness, and a touch of chocolate.  Time to burn.  – Points: 8 of 10

Larry » The 1845 has an almost seamless, dark and oily wrapper, but a lot of pronounced veins giving it a toothy quality. – Points: 8 of 10

Draw, Ash Quality, Burn Quality (20 points):

Matt » Draw: Perfect – not to easy, not difficult. / Ash Quality:  The ash hung on gingerly for the first inch before falling off. After that it hung on without worry  / Burn Quality:  The burn straight from start to finish. – Points:  19 of 20

Larry » Draw: Easy draw giving out a large volume of smoke.  / Ash Quality: Light grey and black ash hung on very well. I had to make an effort to knock it off. / Burn Quality:  Perfect burn, no runs, not touch ups.  Very nice. – Points: 20 of 20

Smoking Characteristics (30 points):

Matt » Start: With such a mix of tobacco, including a proprietary binder that took nine years to develop, I was wondering what kind of experience I would have vrai cialis pas cher.  With hopes of glory I lit up.  Initial puffs offered good volumes of smoke.  Right away I tasted wood with warm spice from the Ecuadorian wrapper that attached itself to the back of my throat. I am not a fan of throat attacking spice.  This spice brought me to my limit, but it wasn’t over the top or harsh, simply distinct.  About a half an inch in, the sweetness from the proprietary binder kicked in which was a welcomed addition, but some bitterness also crept in throwing the flavors off.   / Middle: Moving towards the middle portion on the cigar, the bitterness subsided a bit along with the spice.  The flavors melded better at this point, giving the cigar a pleasant medium body with the wood flavors remaining prominent, some spice in the background, and a touch of leather and sweetness to round it out.  At about the one inch mark the ash fell off and I noticed that the cigar was coring slightly (even though I was smoking slowly), which probably explained the bitterness.  / Finish: I let the cigar sit and the slight coring quickly corrected itself.  I hate to say this about a new cigar, but the last third of the cigar was overwhelmed by bitterness. At this point I felt like the flavors had broken down and were muddled.  Unfortunately I was left underwhelmed.  – Points:  24 of 30

Larry » Start:  The pre-light aroma offered a hint of unsweetened cocoa.  There was a slight spicy flavor from the start and rich, creamy smoke. / Middle: The rich and creamy smoke remained throughout the cigar.  / Finish: The cigar was good and medium body with consistent flavor throughout.  There was also a slightly sweet aroma.  There was very good flavor all the way through. – Points: 28 of 30

Overall Impression (40 points):

Matt » In the end, I want mulligan.  I feel like the over medium bodied 1845 has a lot of potential, but it just didn’t shine with this example.  The first third was promising, offering distinct woodsy flavors, some spice, and a touch of sweetness.  For some reason though it all seemed to break down with the slight coring issue.  On the positive side, the construction quality and draw were classic Partagas – very good. Overall this cigar didn’t do it for me. – Points:  34 of 40

Larry »  This was a well made cigar with an easy draw, that produced large volumes of smoke, and put off a sweet aroma that left a pleasant odor in the air. A slight spiciness was pleasant to the pallet, and the sweetness was very nice as well. I was very impressed with this cigar.  I will definitely enjoy more of these.  The affordable price helps as well. – Points: 36 of 40

Matt’s Total Points:  85 out of 100

Larry’s Total Points: 92 out of 100

Average Score: 88.5 out of 100

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