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Red Lion Toro Gordo Maduro

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Reviewed by: Matt Sackmann & Larry Watkins

Cigar: Red Lion Toro Gordo Maduro

Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro

Binder: Brazil

Filler:  Nicaragua, Honduras, Dominican Republic

Size: 6″ X 60

Construction/Appearance (10 points):

Matt » After removing this beast of a cigar (pun intended) from the cellophane I took a closer look, and the first thing I noticed was the toothy look and feel of the wrapper, and the rich aroma.  The aroma invited me to light up; it was a combination of dark chocolate, tobacco, some earth and sweetness, and a hint of spice that made my nose tingle. The wrapper was dark brown with some tooth and had one medium to large vein.  As far as construction, the Red Lion was firm to the touch with one particularly hard spot under the label, which left me to wonder what the draw would be like.  The cap was well constructed.  – Points: 8 of 10

Larry » This cigar offered a dark maduro wrapper and a large 60 ring gage.  It was a well made cigar with a bit of an oily sheen. It was nearly seamless except some large veins.  It was toothy with a nice tobacco pre-light smell. – Points: 9 of 10

Draw, Ash Quality, Burn Quality (20 points):

Matt » Draw: Despite the hard spot under the label, the draw was perfect; slightly firm, but in the sweet spot.  / Ash Quality:  The ash was slightly flakey. For such a large ring gage it hung on very well, falling off for the first and only time at about the 3″ mark.  / Burn Quality:  Again for such a large ring gage the burn was razor straight.  – Points:  20 of 20

Larry » Draw: Slightly firm draw, but the 60 ring gage opened up and produced a large volume of smoke.  / Ash Quality: Light grey ash that was not real strong, but held on fairly well. / Burn Quality:  Very good burn that remained even all the way down. – Points: 17 of 20

Smoking Characteristics (30 points):

Matt » Start: Once lit, the first few draws not only offered a good volume of smoke, but a lot of flavor as well.  Initial flavors included wood, soft spice, bitter sweet chocolate, and something else I couldn’t quite put my pallet on. Soft and smooth is how I would describe the smoke and combination of flavors, which is kind of an odd way to say it when talking about a medium to full bodied cigar.  The fullness and richness was there, but it was brought to my pallet gently, rather than abrasively which many medium to full bodied cigars tend to do.  / Middle: During the second third, the volume of smoke with each draw increased.  The wood flavors took over, with some spice in the background. The smoke dried out a bit, meaning it left my pallet feeling a little dry.  I noticed a little harsh bitterness on the finish.  / Finish: More of the chocolate notes came through in the final third, and the wood tones and spice subsided.  The harshness also subsided, although it still hung around a bit in the form of a charcoal flavor. – Points:  25 of 30

Larry » Start:  Even though there was a little bitterness at first that reminded me of leather, it went away quickly. / Middle: I got quite a bit of spiciness, especially through the nose.  The spiciness intensified throughout the cigar.  / Finish: The cigar was spicy from start to finish.  There were a lot of flavors that intensified as I smoked it. – Points: 27 of 30

Overall Impression (40 points):

Matt » Overall I have to say that this was a good medium to full bodied cigar.  The construction, overall burn, and flavor during the first third of the cigar were the highlights.  It burned flawlessly the entire time and the ash only fell off at the midway point.  The low point of the cigar for me was the harshness and bitterness that crept in during the second third of the cigar, which remained noticeable to the finish.  Unfortunately, the harshness took away from the overall enjoyment of the cigar, even though it subsided towards the end.  – Points:  34 of 40

Larry » This big maduro was well made, spicy, and filled the room with spicy smoke.  There was good flavor that intensified as I smoked it.  It was medium to full bodied, moving towards full which I liked.  Overall a big, well made very good cigar cialis vente internet.  King of cigars?  I don’t know, but definitely royalty. – Points: 38 of 40

Matt’s Total Points:  87 out of 100

Larry’s Total Points: 91 out of 100

Average Score: 89 out of 100

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