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Torano Casa Torano Robusto

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Reviewed by: Matt Sackmann & Larry Watkins

Cigar: Torano Family Casa Torano Robusto

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler:  Honduran, Nicaraguan, a family blend of Central and South American Tobaccos

Size: 4-3/4″ X 52

Construction/Appearance (10 points):

Matt » The first thing I noticed after taking the Casa Robusto out of its cellophane was the oily sheen on the Ecuadorian Wrapper.  It really highlighted the beautiful Connecticut tan/brown color. This robusto was solidly constructed, with an artfully constructed cap.  The only complaint I had was with a couple of visible press lines from the tray used by the buncher/binder before rolling (trays are used to help shape the bound filler to give it its shape before applying the wrapper.  The bound filler is rotated in the tray to prevent these lines.  Sometimes, however, you still see the lines).  There were some minor veins, but nothing that took away from my overall impression. Pre-light aromas consisted of light tobacco, a touch of cream, floral notes, and a touch of, I know this will sound weird, but a touch or barn yard.  That’s not a bad thing by the way, so don’t let that discourage you.  – Points: 9 of 10

Larry » Light brown Connecticut shade wrapper.  Nearly flawless in appearance. No visible seems, and only a few veins to give the cigar some toothiness. – Points: 10 of 10

Draw, Ash Quality, Burn Quality (20 points):

Matt » Draw: A little tougher than I prefer, but did not take away from my enjoyment. / Ash Quality:  The ash hung on until the half way mark before falling off.  / Burn Quality:  The burn was razor straight from start to finish. – Points:  19 of 20

Larry » Draw: Draw was a little firm, but still gave out a good volume of smoke.  / Ash Quality: Light grey, very firm ash.  The initial ash held on for 1-1/2″ – 2″ until it knocked off. / Burn Quality:  The burn was perfect.  No touch ups from start to finish. – Points: 19 of 20

Smoking Characteristics (30 points):

Matt » Start: Initial puffs were very soft and light.  The firm draw required a few extra puffs to get things moving, but after a few draws the flavors intensified, and revealed its complexity.  Very similar to the pre-light aroma, the Casa Robusto initially offered some soft tobacco notes, supported by smooth cream, and a little muddy earthiness.  After the first few puffs however, the flavors intensified and the earthiness turned into warm spice and coffee, with a touch of cedar on the finish. For some reason those old Folder’s commercials popped into my head.  Just follow me here.  The aroma from the coffee machine gently wakes you up and fills your nose with aroma. It drags you out of bed, luring you to the kitchen.  You pour a cup, take a sip, and the robust flavors satisfy, getting you ready for the day.  The Casa Robusto did the same thing; gently lead me to more robust flavors from pre-light aroma to the first several puffs, leaving me satisfied.  Speaking of coffee, I think the two would pair nicely.  / Middle: At the half way mark, the ash fell off and the flavor changed momentarily.  More floral notes came through, but then settled back to cream and coffee.  I felt like I was smoking a latte, coffee and cream.  / Finish: What can I say, the Casa Robusto was good to the last puff cialis generique pharmacie.  The flavors remained consistent, with only a little bitterness near the end.  – Points:  28 of 30

Larry »  A little firm on the draw, but not unpleasantly so.  It offered good flavor.  I am not good at describing the flavors (I leave that to Matt), however, I did get what seemed to be a “leather” flavor and something that reminded me of a woodsy taste. – Points: 28 of 30

Overall Impression (40 points):

Matt » It’s funny, when Larry and I smoke and write about cigars, we do it completely independent of each other.  While he smoked his robusto in the evening, I smoked mine early in the morning and had the same pleasant experience.  This just proves that the Casa Robusto, whether morning or evening, is a great smoke.  When I smoke, I don’t like to think about it (even though I describe all of this and that in my reviews), I like to enjoy, and that is what this cigar allowed me to do.  It was pleasant, mild to medium bodied all the way to the bitter end (literally, a little bitter).  So the draw was a bit tough, but the burn was great, with no touch ups required, and the flavors reminded me of that good old morning cup of Joe with cream. – Points:  36 of 40

Larry »  I was impressed with this cigar.  While it was a little light for my taste, I enjoyed the quality of the cigar, and the mild to medium body was very pleasant.  I smoked this cigar in the early evening on the patio after dinner and the overall experience was very good.  A well made, high quality smoke. – Points: 35 of 40

Matt’s Total Points:  92 out of 100

Larry’s Total Points: 92 out of 100

Average Score: 92 out of 100

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