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Torano Master Blend Torpedo

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Reviewed by: Matt Sackmann & Larry Watkins

Cigar: Torano Family Cigars Master Blend Torpedo

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano

Binder: Esteli, Nicaragua

Filler: : Esteli & Jalapa Nicaraguan

Size: 6-1/4″ X 52

Construction/Appearance (10 points):

Matt » At first look this torpedo is solidly constructed, all the way to the smoothly finished cap.  To the touch, it felt quite firm, but was consistent with no soft spots.  The color is soft brown with a light sheen of oil.  There were some visible veins that detract from its look, but were not so chunky to make me worry about how it would burn.  Finally, the pre-light aroma offered milk chocolate with a hint of spice in the background. – Points 9 of 10

Larry » A creamy brown wrapper, well constructed, with a slightly oily sheen. – Points:10 of 10

Draw, Ash Quality, Burn Quality (20 points):

Matt » Draw: A firm draw.  It wasn’t over the top firm, but more effort than I prefer to put into smoking a cigar.  / Ash Quality:  The stack was tight.  The ash color was splotchy, ranging from charcoal gray in spots to light gray. / Burn Quality:  The burn was razor straight. The crack that developed did not affect the burn at all. And the bulge that came about also didn’t affect the burn.  – Points:  17 of 20

Larry » Draw: A bit of a firm draw, but an extra snip with my cutter took care of it. / Ash Quality: The ash was light gray and held on very well. / Burn Quality:  Even burn, with no runs, and burned even and slow. – Points: 20 of 20

Smoking Characteristics (30 points):

Matt » Start: What an interesting start.  After  a couple of tough draws I noticed the spice from the Ecuadorian Habano, but it wasn’t that overwhelming, searing, thin spice you typically get.  It was balanced. Backing the spice was some earth and something else I couldn’t really describe.  It was kind of like leather, wood, and tobacco all combined with some sweetness and a touch of nuttiness.  I noticed the spice tended to linger on the back of my pallet, where the rest of the flavors remained on the front. Then I heard a co-worker say, “Who is smoking a cigar?  That smells good”, so the aroma was pleasing.  Now maybe it’s due to the firm construction, but a small crack in the wrapper developed, but didn’t run.  / Middle: Moving towards the middle portion of the cigar, the spice toned down and more of the Nicaraguan characteristics started coming through.  Some wood, earth, and that milk chocolate from the pre-light smell came through, all tied together with the Habano spice in the background.  / Finish: Moving towards the last portion, a bulge near the label developed.  It started with a crack that slowly bulged as the cigar burned.  This said, it didn’t affect the draw or the flavor, but was disappointing to see. The finishing flavors moved more towards wood and nuts, with a little bitterness, but not enough hurt the cigar. – Points:  26 of 30

Larry » At first the Master Torpedo offered a kind of creaminess to the smoke with a little spiciness that built as it progressed. Great flavors for a medium bodied cigar . – Points: 27 of 30

Overall Impression (40 points):

Matt » I have to say that I am typically not a fan of Habano wrapped cigars.  The searing spice isn’t for me. It usually over powers the rest of the cigar and kills my pallet, but the Master Blend Torpedo is definitely a cigar I would smoke because of its balanced complexity.  The spice was balanced very well with the blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos.  It was medium bodied and burned perfectly.  The only disappointments I had were the two cracks, one which developed into a bulge (perhaps because of the firm construction), and the firm draw.  That said, I didn’t ding it too heavily because the cracks didn’t take anything away from the experience.  It is clear that Filipe Sosa took his time with this cigar.  It shows through the flavor. I would recommend the Master Blend to anyone.  – Points:  38 of 40

Larry » I have smoked many of these cigars.  You can tell they were blended by a “Master” cigar maker.  It is a very good smoke!  – Points: 38 of 40

Matt’s Total Points:  90 out of 100

Larry’s Total Points: 95 out of 100

Average Score: 92.5 out of 100

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  1. Mark says:

    Matt & Larry,
    Thanks for your suggestions. May I suggest something?
    I was wondering if you could also review some cheaper smokes? Perhaps in the range of $3 – $4?
    Thanks so much.

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